Because there are so many different types of social functions, everything from conferences, congresses to exhibitions, trade shows or thematic evenings, there are many types of event assistants, also known as a hosts or hostesses, with different responsibilities and specialties. They all, however, concentrate on making guests, attendees and participants feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. A guest’s first and last impression of an event will often be his interaction with the event assistant. That is why our team of event assistants have confidence and a friendly attitude that helps them relate to all types of people and the ability to speak knowledgeably about the event they are hosting. Our hostesses are able to maintain effective working relationship with other event workers, featured guests, organizers and other involved parties.


Conference Assistants

Registration service
Distribution of badges
Assistance in the conference room
Cloakroom attendance

Protocol & VIP Services

Diplomatic visits
Information packages
Intercultural communication
Flag displays
VIP briefings

Digital Moderators

Digital stage management
Technical moderator
Content moderator
Hybrid event management
Online event management

Promotional Representatives

Promotion of new products
Marketing activities
Openings of new venues
Brand ambassadors

Shows & Trade Fair Hostesses

Registration service
Guidance of participants
Informational assistance protocol
Set up and configuration

Event Management

We specialize in planning, designing and implementing events that meet your goals and budgetary needs. Spare yourself the time-consuming procurement process and benefit from our team’s local knowledge, curated contacts and preferential rates

Proven track record

We pride ourselves on providing all our clients with an outstanding service. We've helped both small and large companies in having successful events across Benelux in our more than seven years of experience in the field


Our team is build up in a 3 steps procedure. First of all, we conduct a thorough interview where they are tested for their language skills, office management capacities and experience in events assistance. Secondly, the selected candidates receive a training that prepares them for the event itself. Withal, the last step procedure, which defines our vision, is the on-site guidance by one of the Elite Events managing team. From our point of view, this is very important not only because it gives us the opportunity to ensure the quality of our team's work, but also to create a strong relationship with the clients, by fully understanding their needs and expectations.


During the event, Elite Events is providing the girls assistants with a black or blue dress and neck scarf, colour upon client's choice, as a uniform. The assistants will wear black high-heeled footwear or black ballet flats. Boys will be dressed in suit and white shirt. The colour of the tie is also upon the client's choice. Nevertheless, the client has the possibility to provide different uniform and/or requests the assistant to wear other clothes. Elite Events have a specific style, unique to this agency. Our assistants wear their hair tight up, complemented with an elegant make-up – black eyeliner and red lips. However, if the clients have some other specific requests, we will gladly respond to their demands.